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The immigration process can be an emotional and stressful process, and if done improperly can often lead to a denial of your petition or application or can result in the deportation from the United States of America.  The Clarke Law Office, LLC provides knowledgeable legal advice and offers effective help in these often-distressing personal situations. One of the goals of the Attorney-Client relationship is for the clients to be able to leave the problem, regardless of what it is, with the attorney, so that the client will be relieved of the stress created by the problem. Our firm has a proven track record of successfully representing clients by providing them with professional legal representation in filing your I-130 petition and consulate processing through the national visa center. We have represented many families and individuals since 2003 in obtaining their green cards or lawful permanent residence card, and our system works and more importantly our clients are educated and informed throughout the whole process. Most successful cases are accomplished by the attorney and the client working together as a team to accomplish the goals of obtaining your green card by providing legal service with integrity, through strategic legal planning, and educating you throughout the whole legal process.

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  1. If you’re not a U.S. citizen or Permanent resident, you have to carry a passport.
  2. If you grossly overstay your B-2 Visa, you are out of status. Pay attention to Expiration Date on your I-94.
  3. If considering adoption, please adopt the child before 16 years of age.
  4. Any criminal penalty punishable by a year or more may subject you to removal hearing (including Deferred Adjudication).

Consulate Processing Attorney | National Visa Processing